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Blogging can be a powerful networking tool that makes contacts with far-reaching people. This can help you in the development of your career. Blogs should be held and used as a tool in the job searcher’s toolbox. Here are some examples of job blogging results.

Jeremy Ryan, a 21-year-old web designer graduated with a liberal arts degree from a small west coast college. Web design had been his hobby for 8 years. Jeremy created a resume blog that focused on his Internet skills and projects that he had worked on. He used his blog to chronicle his job search as well as giving out the latest web tips that he found while surfing the Internet. Within 3 months Jeremy landed his dream job with an advertising firm.

Blog reading recruiters

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Wal-Mart Stores recruiting manager Ryan Loken spends 2 hours per week reading thru blogs locating candidates for management positions. Blogs have helped Ryan fill 125 corporate jobs. Many of the candidates were referred from other bloggers, but some were the blog writers themselves.

Blog for a specific job

Utah blogger Carolynn Duncan had her eye on a position at Provo Labs. Provo Labs is a social media consulting company. Carolynn created a blog “Why Provo Labs Wants to Hire Carolyn Duncan” at blogspot. Not only did she get the interview, but she landed the job.

Blogging to find your perfect job is a great way to make yourself heard and seen online.  You can use your blog as your “online resume”.  By using it this way, you are making yourself visible to the widest group of potential employers.  Your resume blog could be much more in depth on what you do than your traditional paper resume.

Post stories on your resume blog about your projects, accomplishments, education and any other topics that you are really passionate about. Always be fresh and unique.  Use your resume blog to encourage two way communication by enabling comments on your posts.

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