Online reputation management and listening online


It is very important that companies listen to what is being said online about them, even if it is negative. Listening to the conversation online  gives you the ability to resolve problems, react and disprove untrue information about you that can negatively affect your business and brand reputation.

Many people use the search engines when they are looking for information. When they do a search for your company product or any service you provide, you will want positive information about you to be displayed on the top positions of the search engine result pages (SERP’s).

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a combination of various PR, marketing, social media and digital marketing efforts. High keyword positions and visibility are the main goals for good publicity. You can facilitate positive information to appear on the search engines pushing down all the negative reviews out of the SERP’s. This doesn’t solve the problem about the negative comments about you or your organization, but it can push down the negative comments to not be visible anymore.

Positive and correct information online

One of the main goals with Online Reputation Management is to make search engines rank and index all the positive and correct information about you online.  It can also result in the increase of your online presence.

Here’s a couple of tips on what you should monitor online and how you can do it.

Online reputation monitoring tips

  • Setup Google Alerts to be notified immediately when Google finds any mentions regarding your company or any of your brand names.
  • Use blog aggregation services such as Technorati to watch for your brand and company names in blogs.
  • Monitor industry related websites, blogs, and social networks for any mention of your company name.

When you start with a ORM strategy for you business, check and analyze the websites that you control. These websites include your company website, any of your product websites, your blog, your employees blogs, partner or affiliate websites and any of your own articles, news and press releases.

ORM is becoming very important with the way the web is growing everyday. Start integrating various ORM processes into your company so that you are not caught of guard with that one negative comment that can ruin your reputation online.

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