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online reputation management

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Online reputation management (ORM) is becoming more important everyday as the digital market place expands. Any company will vote that building a positive and good reputation requires hard work, and quite a lot of effort. It has been proved many times that a positive name will help you attract more interested people to your business. If you have a negative reputation, it can affect your business and core processes directly. If you have an online reputation management strategy in place, it can help you manage your image and credibility online.

Online reputation management consists of a process that involves various digital marketing methods, all of which together leads to a more positive status for your business. If you want to have a good online brand image for your business, do you know what people are currently talking about your business and your market? Monitoring what is being said about you online is the first step with starting with a ORM process and ongoing monitoring will be required. After you know what people are talking about, look at integrating a complete search engine optimization and a social media strategy to get positive results.

Once you have an online reputation management process in place, it will help you manage and monitor your reputation online and use SEO together with social media to boost your image in the digital space. If you still have questions regarding online reputation management, have a look below on some of the benefits of having one in place.

Online reputation management benefits

  • Establish a direct connection with your clients to boost your visibility and image online
  • Monitor what your competitors are doing online against your business
  • Push negative and offensive content about your image further down the organic search engine listings
  • Be notified immediately on any feedback from your customers that can help you with the improvement of your services and products
  • Be notified immediately if anyone mentions your name online

The difference between PR and ORM

Most often you will find people mixing public relations and online reputation management. Even though they are very similar in their objectives, there is a big difference in using the two. The main goal with public relations is to deliver your desired content and message to your community and getting feedback from users and clients. ORM puts more directed and straightforward efforts to minimize the effects of bad PR, monitors conversations, and mentions about your business.

In plain English; Online reputation management watches out for what content is floating around on the web regarding your services, products, and your name. Are you protecting your reputation online?

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